Cristian Merighi's Multi-Faceted Blog

My name's Cristian Merighi.
I write to keep track of what happens, while I'm aware.

  1. PWA Experience with TypeScript


    How I ended up building my first PWA using TypeScript.

  2. SignalR Core v1 Domotics Lighting with OpenWebNet


    Domotics lighting management via OpenWebNet and SignalR Core v1.

  3. SignalR Core v1 First Impressions


    Moving my domotics system to Asp.Net Core 2.1 and SignalR v1. What I've learned so far.

  4. Let's Encrypt Azure


    Add a free SSL certificate to your WebApp, using Let's Encrypt as a CA.

  5. Azure Considerations


    First impact with Microsoft's Cloud.

  6. Manifesto


    Intents and rules. How content will be put into this Blog.

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