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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Intents and rules. How content will be put into this Blog.


Blog's name is Polyhedric, which substantially means that ...anything goes!
But, since I'm a full-time developer, most of the written content will refer to some piece of code.
I personally think everything in today's world will eventually be managed/understood/replicated via ...some piece of code.
I'll split however the articles among different channels - aiming for some order - so that they'll be better categorized.

Not every article will be publicly available: I intend to use this blog to fix some of my private moments too.

Articles will be written in english (going mainstream here) even if that's not my primary language, as you likely already noticed.


As of reported in the homepage's splash, the motto of this blog is

I write to keep track of what happens...

and that it simply is: a Diary of brief stories to better fix them in my mind and save them for later review.
Keeping using this Diary will also help me in maintaining and improving this Blogging engine.


Comments, when allowed, will be moderated before publishing. Not censored, just moderated.

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