Providing Know-How + Originality

Pacem knows how to do it.
Specially in web-based applications, we can provide deep insights offering edge technology solutions. Crafting most of the tools used under development, Pacem is definitely not a Wordpress tailorer nor jQuery-dependent.
Web is nowadays efficient and feature-full, but brands are hardly distinguishable when they all get exposed the same exact way. Pacem offers originality, gives you the option to be different.

Solving Problems

If you have problems to solve that involve technology, and you have reached the head-banging level, please contact Pacem.
We do prefer challenging tasks in place of easy ones, and we got self-crafted tools in our arsenal to manage them.
Pacem's core business is about cutting-edge software for tailored projects and solutions.
Latest technologies are right here to empower our software and your productivity.

  • Modern, advanced, mobile-first web applications (HTML5, CSS3, WebGL...)
  • Customized LOB portals (Asp.Net MVC, Asp.Net Core 2+, SQL Server, ...)
  • Integrated systems (GPS, device-based solutions, backends...)
  • Search engines optimization (SEO, Social networks integration, ...)
  • Mobile development (Android, Windows Universal, iOS, ...)
  • Real-time applications (Websockets, Networking, ...)
  • Natural user interfaces (Face recognition, Speech, Interactive design, ...)
  • Internet of things (Domotics)

Aside of that we can provide customized layout and graphics as a complete package.
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