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    • keyboard_arrow_right Asp.Net Mvc 5
    • keyboard_arrow_right AngularJS
    • keyboard_arrow_right KnockoutJS
    • keyboard_arrow_right Pacem JS
    • keyboard_arrow_right Rest Api

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Multi-Utility Firm in Northern Italy.
Integrated System.

Ordini is a full stacked software.

It allows both Emiliambiente Spa and their suppliers to manage the entire life of the maintenance tasks they have to face every day.
Emiliambiente's power users monitor the performance and effectiveness of the worker-squads, thanks to the back-and-forth feedbacks delivered by the mobile Android app (GPS position, task-relevant imagery, ...).

Suppliers' worker-squads - on their end - can be activated on the fly, always via mobile app, and get informed with specific and precious task-relevant data (address, type, notes, ...).

Main features:
  • GPS-based real-time monitoring
  • Incomes/outcomes reporting + NAV Dynamics integration
  • Picture uploads by workers via mobile device
  • Workers presence management
  • Asp.Net MVC 5
  • Sql Server + Entity Framework + OData
  • AngularJS + Pacem JS + KnockoutJS
  • Java (Android)
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