Privacy Terms

Here's our privacy policy explained:

What Information We Store?

Almost nothing. In fact, anonymous user data aren't collected at all. Only for blogs, if any, web travellers who want to leave their sign by commenting an article are requested to leave their email. That is mainly for gravatars rendering and publishing notification. Those emails are visible only to the authors.

If you send a request to an office, in the contacts page, then you agree to give knowledge of your email address to the recipient in order to start a correspondence about the request subject. But, no trace of the sent message will be kept by the system.

How Do We Use Your Information?

Since no information gets stored, no utilization is possible. Only for blogs, provided email addresses on comments are used to notify moderation activities by the author.
Absolutely no email campaign will be instantiated on top of those mail addresses.

How Do We Store Your Information?

Blog comments are stored into Pacem Platform Databases, which are only accessible via authorized credentials and whose data are encrypted by default.


We use cookies in a frugal manner, either to make it possible for you to navigate this site and with the aim to ease your very navigation.
We do not store anywhere on our servers any of the data carried by the cookies you get.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Mandatory cookies that allow you to navigate the website and use its features safely.

Those are mostly the authentication cookies. They're needed in order to admin the site content and do not interest the anonymous user.
Others might refer to technical server utilities (load balancing and similar).
By navigating this site you implicitly accept these cookies.

Functional Cookies

Useful cookies that ease a more graceful user experience while navigating the website.

We use a specific cookie to remember your language choice of preference for your next visit.