Most of our works stand upon web technology competences. Pacem has classy components that can ease the solution of a hard problem plus a bit of wow effect.
Worth to say that they target modern browsers, but - since you're here - looks like you're already set up properly.

Below a list of a few among the manies technologies we use:

  • Asp.Net Core 2+ for server-side web development (Microservices pattern is assumed, having web apps and API coexisting)
  • Pacem JS (build with TypeScript and based on web components) for client-side web development
  • Pacem Sql (OR/M for Sql Server) for data access
  • OpenId Connect as a protocol for centralized user authentication and authorization
  • SignalR for real-time applications that use websockets
  • Java for native Android apps
Pacem develop close-to-metal desktop (Windows) applications when access to the raw machine capabilities is needed.
Cross-platformness is guaranteed in all other cases.


  • WPF for desktop (Windows) applications
  • ElectronJS for cross-platform applications
  • Integrated solutions with National Instruments hardware
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